Welcome to Antevorta Capital Partners!

Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. is an independently owned corporate financing firm which serves the advisory, negotiation, and multiple financing needs of small and medium-sized companies throughout the world.

In contrast to many other corporate finance firms, we are not associated with a financial institution which serves, and is accountable to, many competing interests. By being independent, our focus and priority is our client's interests only.

Our primary advantage is our ability to provide short term funding while procuring alternative debt financing. Our Bridge Loan Program provides temporary funding accommodations while term financing facilities are being finalized with primary, secondary, and alternative corporate lenders.

Our firm which is comprised of corporate finance specialists who collectively specialize in structuring six key areas of corporate funding:

  • Equity Financing;
  • Initial Public Offerings;
  • High Ratio Senior Debt;
  • Subordinated Debt;
  • Convertible Debt;
  • Bridge Loans.

We work with shareholders, lenders, and management teams of companies requiring assistance in structuring, negotiating and procuring financing for a wide range of purposes.